How to Build a Wellness Program:

At Academy Hour, we provide all the basics and essentials to help you start and run your entire First Responder department wellness program. Build your own program based on your department needs and budget. Email us at [email protected] for department pricing.

How It Works

Choose the individual elements you want, or choose the "whole wellness program" for your department. Based on your department goals, size, and budget, we'll put together the perfect Wellness Program startup plan for you.

Elements of the Wellness Program are implemented gradually. The schedule below is an example:

Month 1 Release: Online mental health training classes & Academy Hour podcast

Month 2 Release: Peer Support Leader training for interested team leaders & Certified First Responder Counselor directory

Month 3 Release: Peer Support Teammate training for interested teammates.

Month 4 Release: The Academy Hour app for your wellness team & the Lighthouse Health & Wellness app for all of your department personnel

Month 5 Release: The Trauma of Being a Cop / Responder - on-site 6-hour class for your personnel. OR choose the train-the-trainer so that your training personnel can teach the class.

Month 6 Release: Online support groups for your personnel

Month 7 Release: Cease Fire Training - mental health curriculum via train-the-trainer program for rookie/cadet academies or in-house rookie training programs.

Month 8 Release: Academy Hour Certified Instructor program for those wishing to teach Academy Hour mental health curriculum on-site for your department.

Within 8-12 months you'll have all the tools and programs available to you that you need to run a beneficial and effective wellness program.

Academy Hour - Our Mission:

We provide valid, practical, relevant, and supportive mental health education which will help Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders gain resiliency, longevity, and overall well-being, on- and off- the job.

Organizations We Work With & Trust

 Member, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association 

At Academy Hour, we support....

Lighthouse Health & Wellness

Confidentially Connecting First Responders with Wellness Resources 24/7

The Lighthouse mission is to ensure that every public safety agency in the nation is able to provide its employees and families with confidential and anonymous access to health and wellness resources.  We do this at no-cost by providing a core library of wellness content, a directory of culturally competent resources, and a custom wellness app.


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We're Ready For Your Group!

Group rates apply to groups of 3 or more. Your group will be enrolled immediately upon receipt of payment, and can start their training right away!  You'll have access 24/7 to the classes you've selected, through December 31 of the enrollment year.  Certificates of Completion may be requested by each individual upon completion of each training course. For more questions, email us at: [email protected]. Give us a little info here, and we'll be happy to help you find out more, or get started!