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We provide valid, practical, relevant, and supportive mental health education which will help Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders gain resiliency, longevity, and overall well-being, on- and off- the job.

Academy Hour

A little bit about what we do, and how we got to where we are now.


For First Responders

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We have everything you need to start, build, maintain and grow your department's wellness program.

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65,927 hours of training provided so far!

Academy Hour Founded June 2017

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NOTE regarding Continuing Education: 
First Responders - You need to submit your certificate of training to your state's POST agency for training credit.
Counselors: For counselor education courses that qualify for CE credit, click on the link “Counselor Continuing Education."

ON-SITE delivered to YOU:
The Trauma of Being a Cop

This 6-hour training session is an interactive and intensive class designed to help officers understand the trauma they experience, the effects the job has on their lives, and how to help themselves & others through the challenges. Also available as "The Trauma of Being a Responder." This class is presented to you by an Academy Hour specialty trainer.



We teach counselors about the unique trauma and culture of first responders, and law enforcement officers. The CFRC designation shows that a counselor has taken the extra steps to "get" this unique population in order to better serve their therapy needs. Click Here for Program Info.


At Academy Hour, we support....

Lighthouse Health & Wellness

Confidentially Connecting First Responders with Wellness Resources 24/7

The Lighthouse mission is to ensure that every public safety agency in the nation is able to provide its employees and families with confidential and anonymous access to health and wellness resources.  We do this at no-cost by providing a core library of wellness content, a directory of culturally competent resources, and a custom wellness app.


"Definitely one of the better online training experiences I have watched."

Criminalistics Administrator
Kevin K.

"More than 6000 justice professionals have registered for Amy Morgan’s webinars, making her one of our most popular presenters for the Justice Clearinghouse.. Amy’s presentations..include helpful exercises, stories and applications to reinforce core concepts. "

Justice Clearinghouse
Aaron Gorrell, President

"Great topics, expertise, and voice for the trainings. Highly recommend this training."

M. Wicks
Chief of Police

"Amy is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer and stays current on all aspects of mental health. The International Public Safety Association is fortunate to have her as a recurring on-line instructor and a member of our Mental Health Committee."

International Public Safety Assoc.
Heather Cotter, Executive Director

"Courses provided realistic ideas for situations faced in the course of business. Great information presented in an easy to understand way."

Kevin L.
Investigative Special Agent

"Easy to maneuver, good pace, easy to understand. Different than other training I have had."

Forensic Toxicology Supervisor
Kourtney H.

"Very good training and information that is very convenient."

Erik S.
Tribal Police Officer

"Excellent program. Many good tips on recognizing mental disorders. Amy is excellent on the presentation of an important area of law enforcement."

JCH Webinar Attendee
Overview of Mental Illnesses & Disorders

"I appreciated how Amy repeatedly stressed approaching a potential situation with 'compassion & patience.' Her presentation felt very much like "boots on the ground, mucking through the trenches" rather than a dry recitation of facts, an attitude of domination & extreme control, or even pure theoretical approach. It felt like she'd actually worked with people struggling in the situation--rather then someone who'd only read about struggles in books & regurgitated paper theories. "

Mental Illnesses & Disorders Overview
JCH Webinar Attendee

"The presenter was wonderful, very knowledgeable about the topic and it was well presented. The presentation captured my attention the whole time. Great job!"

JCH Webinar Attendee

"The way Amy explained the majority of mental illnesses in a very concise but detailed fashion. These are topics I've heard about for years but never could explain or understand until now."

JCH Webinar Attendee
Mental Illnesses & Disorders Overview

Organizations We Work With & Trust

 Member, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association 

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Group rates apply to groups of 3 or more. Your group will be enrolled immediately upon receipt of payment, and can start their training right away!  You'll have access 24/7 to the classes you've selected, through December 31 of the enrollment year.  Certificates of Completion may be requested by each individual upon completion of each training course. For more questions, email us at: [email protected]. Give us a little info here, and we'll be happy to help you find out more, or get started!