Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide valid, practical, relevant, and supportive mental health education which will help Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders gain resiliency, longevity, and overall well-being, on- and off- the job.

About Us:

Academy Hour offers free online training classes for first responders. Academy Hour is renowned in the the field for high-quality first responder mental health and leadership education.

The courses were originally developed by a mental health professional and training specialist who also has experience with Law Enforcement and First Responders. Informed by collaboration with officers and responders at all levels and in all areas, as well as consulting with counselors and psychologists who have experience in working in this field, the programs seamlessly blend the latest mental health and leadership approaches with real-world relevance.

Academy Hour is also home to the Peer Support Leader and Certified First Responder Counselor Programs. These certifying programs were developed to give peer support leaders and mental health clinicians the tools needed to effectively reach and support first responders with cultural competence, expertise, confidence, and empathy. Extensive research, personal interviews, many ride-along's, and a stellar extended network of subject matter experts went into making these training programs that will effectively prepare individuals to step into roles of guidance and leadership. These programs require an investment and commitment to maintaining certification as a Peer Support Leader or Certified First Responder Counselor.

Lighthouse for Public Safety and Academy Hour

In 2022, Lighthouse for Public Safety was honored to acquire Academy Hour. In alignment with Academy Hour’s mission, the team at Lighthouse is passionate about helping first responders truly thrive, on and off the job. As Lighthouse developed wellness apps for hundreds of public safety agencies over the years, we saw a gap in clinicians and Peer Support leaders' readiness to effectively navigate the first responder experience. We are thrilled to be able to “help you, help them”--that is, to support those seeking to help first responders do so as effectively as possible. In addition to increasing visibility of these wonderful programs through our platform and network, and enhancing existing offerings with a more diverse collection of industry-leading voices, the Lighthouse team is working on growing the programs beyond the virtual realm to include in-person training and community building events.

Join us as we continue to help first responders and those who support them, every step of the way, to not just survive, but thrive.

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