Academy Hour Certified Instructor Program

If you would like to teach Academy Hour curriculum on-site within your agency, earn this certification and then you'll have access to a variety of our classes and train-the-trainer programs. We hold a very high standard for instructors of our curriculum, and this is the avenue to achieving and maintaining that standard.

How It Works

To teach any Academy Hour curriculum, you must first complete and pass the Academy Hour Certified Instructor training & exam. This program/fee is a stand-alone, and then each individual curriculum's train-the-trainer program carries its own enrollment & licensing fee.

1) Train. Take our Academy Hour Certified Instructor training course. We teach you:

  • Tried-and-true presentation techniques for small and large groups;
  • The importance and liability of following curriculum and staying consistent with training messages;
  • Organizational skills that will help your training run smoothly;
  • Staying on track and on time;
  • Keeping participants' attention, handling hecklers, and managing Q&A in the classroom;
  • Documentation & records required for teaching Academy Hour classes.

2) Prove. Pass the online exam and video demonstration of your presentation skills, using what you've learned.

3) Specialize. Upon passing, you will gain access to the Academy Hour train-the-trainer catalog (below), where you can select which classes you would like to teach. You will then go through the train-the-trainer program for each one of those classes, learning the detailed in's and out's of the content and how to best present the material.  Every time you teach a session you must submit your feedback evaluation forms to Academy Hour for review, which helps us maintain our instructor standards.

4) Continue. You must renew your AHCI certification each year that you would like to continue teaching Academy Hour classes, and take annual update training briefs in order to renew. Each train-the-trainer program will also require annual renewal for access and update briefings must be completed.

Enroll in AHCI Here

Academy Hour Certified Instructor
$150 Enrollment
$100 Annual Renewal

Train-the-Trainer Course Catalog

Once you complete the AHCI certification process you then choose which of these classes you would like to teach. You'll complete the train-the-trainer program for each and then have access to the curriculum for presentation in your on-site classes. AHCI and Train-the-Trainer access lasts for one year and must be renewed annually.

Train your peer support team leaders and teammates using our program curriculum, and then send them to us to handle the Certification Exam.


Coming Soon!
This curriculum can be taught as a 1-or 2-hour training block and covers the causes and signs of suicide, what leads someone to thinking about suicide, and how to prevent, as well as intervene, to stop suicide from happening.

Academy Hour - Our Mission:

We provide valid, practical, relevant, and supportive mental health education which will help Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders gain resiliency, longevity, and overall well-being, on- and off- the job.

Cost & Enrollment

Each Train-the-Trainer program requires a separate enrollment and annual renewal.

Each Train-the-Trainer program includes:

1. Enrollment in the original training class/program that will be taught by you;

2. 1-year access to the entire curriculum;

3. PowerPoint Show for on-screen presentation (non-editable);

4. Facilitator/Instructor guide to walk you through each slide in your presentation;

5. Easy-order workbooks; 

6. Electronic roster sign-in;

8. Online feedback evaluation form for your participants to complete;

9. Academy Hour official certificates sent to your participants when they submit the feedback evaluation forms;

10. Annual refresher and renewal requirement so that you, and your Academy Hour curriculum, stay current.

Not Downloadable. You will not be able to download the PowerPoint presentation. You will, instead, have access to a shared Google Drive where you will access the training content each time you give a presentations. We want to assure each AHCI maintains annual renewal, refresher, and teaches only current & updated curriculum.  PPT Shows will be available for viewing & presenting directly from the shared Google Drive.
Internet Requirement: It will be essential for you to have internet connection everywhere you teach Academy Hour curriculum. We use an online roster sign-in form, as well as an online feedback evaluation form. Your participants will need to access these via their phones, or using a tablet or laptop that you set up in the classroom. 


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We're Ready For Your Group!

Group rates apply to groups of 3 or more. Your group will be enrolled immediately upon receipt of payment, and can start their training right away!  You'll have access 24/7 to the classes you've selected, through December 31 of the enrollment year.  Certificates of Completion may be requested by each individual upon completion of each training course. For more questions, email us at: [email protected]. Give us a little info here, and we'll be happy to help you find out more, or get started!