$25 USD/month

Only active and/or retired First Responders are invited to participate in these support groups. You must verify that you are a First Responder by listing your job title and the department with which you work. Please know that we will never, under any circumstances, contact anyone at your department. But for the security and confidentiality of this online support group primary purpose, we need to confirm and verify that only First Responders are admitted to the group.

Anyone enrolling who does not meet this criteria, or who does not respect the group or its participants will be removed from the group and no refunds will be provided.

By enrolling here, I attest that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions on this page, and I attest to being a First Responder, here to support other First Responders.


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Support Group Tuesdays 1300 General

The Academy Hour support groups are exclusively for First Responders. These groups are facilitated by our Certified First Responder Counselor program graduates, so they "get" the culture of First Responders, and they genuinely want to support you in your career and your life. 

You are enrolling in the Tuesday 1300 "General" topic group for 1 month.  Near the end of the month you'll receive an email with the enrollment link for the new month, if you wish to continue in this same group. You may also select a different group at any time, and you are welcome to enroll in more than one group if you'd like.  The groups you enroll in will show up in your Academy Hour login under "My Training Library," and a few minutes before time to join the group each week, you'll access the "Briefing Room" for your day/time/topic, and that's where you'll see that week's exclusive zoom link for your specific support group. When it's time, just join the zoom link and you'll be in the online support group, where your facilitator will be awaiting your arrival.

These are NEVER recorded, and we ask that you do not record them. These are designed to be confidential, so we also ask that when you join the group, you are the only one in your space that can see or hear the screen and the group.  Please do not ever give out the zoom link to anyone else, as it applies to your specific enrollment and your specific support group.

Only First Responders may join these groups. If you feel there is someone that has entered your group that is not a First Responder, or if anyone is in your group that is not there to receive AND provide group support, please let your facilitator know immediately, and email us also at [email protected] so that we may correct the problem as quickly as possible.

You are enrolling for a month, and so you will benefit the most from these groups by attending every session on its set day and time. You may continue enrolling month after month in this same group, or may switch groups, or add groups, simply by enrolling in those from the home page options listed.  We want you to make the very most of these groups by joining at the specified day/time, and being where you can focus on the group discussion.

There are no refunds, and we cannot transfer your enrollment to any other individual.