The Trauma of Being a Cop

Law Enforcement Officers experience multiple trauma incidents on the job. From difficult-to-look-at crime scenes, car accidents, etc., to interacting with people during bad life experiences, cops take in a whole lot of negative. Public criticism and other life stressors can make the job seem even harder. This training session will discuss trauma, its effects, PTSD, and many related aspects of the emotional and mental challenges faced by officers.


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Our CEO & Founder, Amy Morgan, travels the country speaking at conferences and teaching training sessions to law enforcement agencies, conferences, and department leadership teams.  If you'd like her to personally come train your personnel, this is the training session she brings that covers current, relevant, bottom-line and practical mental health information for your team. 

SCHEDULING FOR 2021 and 2022!

The Trauma of Being a Cop


  • COURSE TITLE:  The Trauma and Life of Being a Cop (On & Off the Job): 6-hour

    • Expectations placed on law enforcement officers
      • Leadership attitudes and responsibilities about mental health
      • Resiliency and prevention vs. Recovery
    • 3 Areas of Health = Safety
      • Mental health
      • Emotional health
      • Physical health
    • What is Trauma?
      • Singular vs. Cumulative Trauma
      • Causes
        • Diagnostic criteria
        • Things cops see & experience
      • Effects
        • What is and isn’t expected?
        • Signs & Symptoms
        • Coping Behaviors – Good & Bad
        • Mental/Physical/Emotional Health & Well Being
      • Common mental illnesses & disorders linked to trauma
        • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
      • Treatment
        • CBT / Therapy
        • EMDR
        • Supportive network & resources
        • Peer support
      • Trauma timeline 
    • Anxiety and Stress
      • Anticipatory vs. Reactionary
      • Life Stressors & External Contributors
      • Anxiety / Stress / Burnout
      • Suicide Prevention & Intervention
        • Understanding suicidal thoughts
        • Causes behind suicide
        • Recognizing Signs
        • Asking About Suicide & Intervention
        • Debriefing & Removing Trauma
          • Debriefing process (Post-Action Strategic Debriefing©
          • Guilt, Blame & Resentment
          • Reframing
          • Law Enforcement & Public Criticism
            • Self-fulfilling prophecy / the effects of words
            • Maslow’s hierarchy
            • Processing & responding to criticism
            • Being prepared for criticism
            • Neurological counteract the effects of negative influences
            • Why law enforcement officers are heroes

How's It Work?

  • Group Size 10-149  |  $2250 flat fee

  • Group Size 150+  |  $4500 flat fee

  •  Minimum Group Size 10

This cost is for the one-day, 6-hour presentation/class. If you need to split your group into more than 1 day, the cost would be based on # of days. (i.e. $2250/day for 2 days = $4500)

6-Hour Training Session Including:

  • Presentation by Amy Morgan, MSC - CEO & Founder of Academy Hour
  • Slide Presentation
  • Handout Materials for Attendees
  • All presenter travel expenses
  • Graphic art for social media marketing
  • Marketing flyer PDF for you to send out to potential attendees
  • Provide the location / venue
  • Send out the flier and advertise on social media
  • Get the course accredited through your state's POST if needed
  • Handle the roster
  • Fill the room!

Some ideas to help fund the event:

  • Get your LE & First Responder associations involved and ask them to help host or sponsor
  • Invite surrounding agencies and charge them a fee or get them to help host/sponsor
  • Invite vendors to sponsor or set up a few tables outside the training room

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