Tessa Miller

Tessa Miller is Director of Marketing for GUARDIAN RFID, a leading technology company dedicated to building and deploying systems to protect law enforcement professionals in correctional settings. Through this position, she has developed an appreciation for the law enforcement and first responder communities and a personal passion for protecting the dedicated members of the Thin Gray Line.

Mrs. Miller launched a mental health and wellness initiative for GUARDIAN RFID, including creating videos, partnering with mental health organizations, and adding a "Mental Health and Wellness" resources page to the company’s website to promote outreach and awareness. She is a devoted advocate for suicide prevention, particularly among first responders and corrections professionals, and is committed to ending stigmas related to mental health – not only for those going through crisis but also for their families and loved ones.

Mrs. Miller has worked with numerous mental health and wellness organizations, including Academy Hour, Blue H.E.L.P., Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, Marie Ridgeway & Associates, and Pro-Crisis LLC to drive awareness, education and understanding around mental health concerns and suicide prevention. She also coordinated onsite filming for a mental wellness initiative by the Washington County (MN) Sheriff’s Office.

As a marketing professional, Mrs. Miller possesses extensive knowledge and experience in branding, public relations, graphic design, social media and digital marketing. Prior to joining GUARDIAN RFID, she coordinated promotions for Fortune 500 companies and also served as Marketing Manager for Trex Commercial Products, a national leader in architectural railings for commercial applications.