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Leadership Academy 52-Wk Series

Our Leadership Academy is unlike others you've attended.  We combine standard leadership principles with therapy techniques, to help you learn to understand people, influence them, communicate with them, and truly be a leader.

Every week a new video is released, all of them under 15 minutes each. The weekly mini-lessons make it easy to fit this course into a busy schedule, a little bit at a time, over the course of a year. This format also allows you to focus on the current week's topic and apply each lesson immediately. 

12 total hours, 52 mini-lessons added into the online classroom weekly. You can go back in at any time and view any lessons up to the current release.

This class runs for a full year.   

Topics covered: 

1.      Introduction to the Course

2.      What is Leadership?

3.      Leadership Styles

4.      Leading by Example

5.      Communication

6.      Making Tough Decisions

7.      Time

8.      Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Mediation

9.      Listening

10.  Words v. Actions

11.  Leadership Through the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

12.  Crisis / Chaos Management

13.  Diverse Generations / Work Styles

14.  Ethics, Values & Trust

15.  Presenting Your Ideas

16.  Meeting Focus (Focusing a Group)

17.  Collaboration / Value of Others

18.  Delegation

19.  Prioritizing for Effectiveness

20.  Emotional Maturity

21.  Intellectual Growth – Yourself & Others

22.  Career Growth v. Personal Growth

23.  Confidentiality

24.  Personal & Professional Values

25.  Workplace Resilience

26.  Adapting to Change

27.  Setting Goals

28.  Responding to Criticism

29.  Making a Difference in Others

30.  Influence

31.  Aligning Expectations with Reality

32.  Compassion, Empathy & Understanding

33.  Stepping Up

34.  Respect – Giving & Earning

35.  Repairing Damage

36.  Consistency

37.  Compromise

38.  Resources Outside Yourself

39.  The Meaning(s) of Success

40.  Giving Back

41.  Recovering from Setbacks/Disappointment

42.  Take a Step Back & Reinvent

43.  Learning From Difficulties

44.  The Challenge of Change

45.  What Really Matters

46.  Legacy / Wake

47.  Your Personal Billboard

48.  Who Are You Really?

49.  Thoughts and Energy

50.  Mentors and Traits

51.  Self-Care and Balance

52.  Neuroscience and Positivity