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Excellence in Policing: Simple Ways to Exceed Citizen Expectations In Every Encounter 30 days

Excellence in Policing:  Simple Ways to Exceed Citizen Expectations in Every Encounter. The book by Chief Andy Harvey, audio-narrated by Chief Andy Harvey.

The Book Intro:

Every police-citizen encounter is a commercial that represents you, your agency, and piolice offers across this great nation. Just turn on your television or your phone and you will probably see an encounter that, from a citizen's viewpoint, didn't go very well. You probably do not like the thought of appearing in any commercial, but today's police officers don't have a choice. The good news is that you get tot be the director of every one of your commercials. And just like directors who guide their cast members towards a well thought out vision, police officers should 'direct' (guide) those they encounter towards a safer and a fairer outcome. You will probably never receive an award for Best Director, but you didn't sign up for the recognition. This is because you're a servant at heart which drives you to be your very best to positively impact others.

Even though your intentions are good, there may be times when your 'commercial' doesn't come across well to your audience. The focus of this training is to help you gain a healthier understanding of how citizens may perceive the police. You will learn what is most important to citizens when dealing with the police and what they expect from you (the police). Just a note, the words you, us, we, and police are interchangeable throughout the book. These simple concepts presented here will help you more effectively manage perception during your citizen encounters that will increase citizen satisfaction and, more importantly, keep you and your fellow officers safer.

In this fast paced and technologically advanced world, the police need to keep up and find ways to not only remain relevant, but to stay ahead of society's demands and expectations. In other words, it's time to swap the checker board for the chess board. Consider this, chess forces you to be objective. To be objective is to not be influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudiced, rather based on facts. Secondly, chess challenges players to think strategically. To be successful, you must be able to see at least 2 or 3 moves in advance to make the best decision NOW. These principles can and should be applied to policing. Although what the police do every day is certainly not a game, we can learn some lessons from chess that can be practical to every police-citizen encounter.

I have no doubt that you are proud to be a police officer and want the very best for you and your fellow officers, your families, and our country. You wouldn't have chosen this profession if you didn't hold these values in high regard. Many of you have also served our country in the military and have experienced war first hand. Whether you served directly in battle or served in a support role, you are a patriot and a servant. The sacrifices you and your family endured should never be forgotten.

But now you're serving our country here at home on the front lines protecting our democracy. Whether you're a veteran or not, we are all part of something bigger in our homeland. I believe the police are the fabric that holds our country together and helps make the United States the greatest nation in the world. Our nation is certainly not perfect. But I am proud to say that it's pretty damn good. Our country has gone through some challenging times recently. It's not the first time and it definitely won't be the last. Fortunately, our country is resilient and will rise in midst of this or any other crisis.

I am a firm believer that a crisis brings opportunity; these are times the police should not allow to pass by without affecting positive changes in our nation. Yes, it's not just the police that must change, it's everyone. But let's focus on what we (the police) can control by using our influence and lead the way. Let's continue showing the world why police officers represent the very best in people.

Excellence in Policing is divided into several different concepts that include excellence, community expectations, legitimacy, procedural justice, authority, and more. These ideas will be discussed individually first and then collectively in order to illustrate their importance and relevance to policing today. At the end of each chapter, you will find Excellence Keys that serve as a quick review of the main points for that chapter.

Thanks for choosing to take this journey with me and countless fellow officers around the country who have heard this message and applied these principles immediately. If you can improve in just one area, then the journey is worth it. You, our communities, policing, and our country will be better for it.

Let's go.

This enrollment provides access to the class for thirty days.