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The Trauma of Domestic Cruelty Response 30 days

Responders see a wide variety of difficult scenes, and interact with challenging situations on a regular basis. There is something unique, though, about domestic cruelty. Responders can develop a cynical or calloused view of some of these situations, as they see the recipient of the cruelty not do anything to protect themselves, or return to situations they briefly deem dangerous or unbearable. On the flip side, these situations can hit a responder right in the heart, causing an emotionally challenging reaction that may make it hard to walk away and not be affected long-term. Responding to domestic cruelty can cause short-term, long-term, and cumulative trauma. This class seeks to explain the reactions and responses that may occur, as well as explain the domestic situations that house the cruelty. Warning: may trigger trauma responses.

Goals and Objectives: 

  1. Participant will be able to identify the many potential emotional responses of responding to heartbreaking domestic cruelty situations.
  2. Participant will be able to identify potential resources to process the experience of responding to domestic cruelty situations.
  3. Participant will be able to identify methods of treatment as well as prevention, to assist with processing the emotional responses to witnessing domestic cruelty.

This enrollment provides access to the class for thirty days.