Matthias Wicks

Matthias Wicks is a career organizational coach, manager and motivator with over 28 years of law enforcement experience, and 12 years of command leadership (regional, national, international) for various venues and special events.  He cultivates the attitude of Transformational Leadership and Vision Alignment.

Mentorship and Diversity:  Matthias is the eighth of nine sons and is a product of mentorship. He believes in the power of true mentorship and professional development.  He also believes “Real equity and diversity” work and his always relevant.  He challenges customers to explore the difference between equity and equality.

Matthias is a Transformational Leader and Servant Leader who aligns with the needs of his organization and the needs of the most reliable resources, the people.

As a keynote speaker and conference facilitator, Matthias motivates his audience members to identify and navigate through their “whys” of what they do.

 As a consultant and coach, Matthias establishes himself as a teammate, thought partner, and collaborator of his customers’ ideas, concepts and plans.  Additionally, he helps design definitive strategies and deliverables to reach organizational and personal goals.


  • Doctorate of Educational Leadership, Higher Ed. Adm.
  • Executive Strategic Management, SMIP, Boston
  • Masters of Science, Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Communication


  • Police Executive Research Forum
  • Senior Management Institute of Policing
  • National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
  • NSA -National Speakers Association



A favorite Quote:

“You are either supporting the vision or supporting division”-Saji Iliyemi