1 Week That Will Completely Change Your Life

November 2019

You're going to learn so many things.. about yourself.. about life.

  • About Trauma
  • Personal Trauma Timeline
  • Your Story
  • EMDR
  • CBT

On Day One you'll learn a lot about yourself. You'll get some really deep education about trauma. You'll have an opportunity to participate in EMDR trauma therapy. And you'll know more than ever about how trauma happens, what it affects, and how it's treated.  Full Immersion means full participation, and more than just listening to a presenter talk about some stuff.  This will be a learning experience like no other.

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Depression / Suicide (MH Simulation)
  • Medical Response to Suicide Attempts (Med Simulation)

On Day Two you'll learn about personal needs, life experiences, and we'll talk through depression & suicide. On this day we begin simulation activities, realistic practice experiences that you'll never forget.  You also will learn what to do, medically, in response to a suicide attempt, in a medical simulation experience. The training center uses simulation rooms - 2-way glass with video-streaming and an instructor outside listening and coaching. Unlike your typical role-play, you will interact here with highly skilled actors for a truly life-like practice experience.

  • Articulating Your Struggle (MH Simulation)
  • Asking About Struggle (MH Simulation)
  • The Importance of Support/Network
  • Your Community
  • Stand for a Peer

Day Three will teach you how to ask others if they're struggling, and also how to answer that question if you aren't actually "fine." Day Three immerses you in education and simulation experiences that show the importance of peer support and community in the first responder world. A field trip this day will enrich your learning and create a truly memorable experience.

  • Common Mental Health Disorders / presentations
  • Interacting with MHD’s (MH Simulation)
  • MHD Medication & Treatments (Med Simulation)

Day Three is an intense education about common mental disorders and mental illnesses, how they affect someone, and the best & worst ways to interact with individuals with mental disorders & illnesses. More practice sessions today, including some to teach the difference between medical/drug reactions and mental illness behaviors, as well as how medications affect mental disorder behaviors. You will interact with specialized actors who will strengthen your skills in real-life simulation sessions.

  • Treatment Centers / Resources
  • Treatment Center Intake & Program (Simulation)
  • Emergency Order of Detention (EoD)(Simulation)
  • Self-Care (Can’t Give What You Don’t Have)

Day Five will be a deep lesson in the different resources available for responders and the public, and why you have different needs. You'll learn what treatment is like, through simulation experiences, and will also experience the consequences of not receiving treatment or practicing self-care. Another field trip will create a real-life simulation to bring this lesson to a deeper level of understanding.

Graduation Day

Day Six... the day you celebrate. You and your Academy peers will have gone through a week like no other, and you will have earned this day of celebrating your accomplishment. Family & friends will be invited to honor you, your experience, and your new knowledge. This... will be a very good day.

Only 20 will be selected...

This life-changing week will be intense, focused, personal, and educational,
in ways we can hardly describe.
A group of 20 will be selected.
Full Immersion Mental Health Academy will be held in
Oklahoma City, OK in November 2019.
Exact dates & location will be provided only to selected participants.
If you're interested, apply here. Deadline: May 31, 2019
This experience isn't for everyone... is it for you?

Enrollment Fee:  $2500/person
Includes: Training, Simulations, EMDR therapy, Therapists on-site throughout the week, training materials, Naloxone/Narcan, bleeding control first aid kit, breakfast, lunch & dinner all 5 training days, parking, field trip activities, graduation ceremony, and Full Immersion Mental Health Academy gifts each day.
A 5-month payment plan will be available for the enrollment fee.
Other costs you may incur: Travel (airfare, etc.), hotel, transportation

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 10am-12pm (Graduation)
You must commit to attending the entire program, without missing any session time.

Full Immersion Mental Health Academy is designed for those who want a fully interactive, deep learning experience. You must be committed to attend, be serious about learning, and motivated to put into practice what you learn after graduating.

Apply for
Full Immersion Mental Health Academy.

Submit this form and pay the $25 application fee by May 31, 2019 to be considered for the Full Immersion Mental Health Academy experience. Only 20 will be selected.

Apply Here


Academy Hour is known for its exceptional curriculum, team of experts, inspirational advocacy, and unique, outside-the-box training concepts.
Full Immersion Mental Health Academy is the crowning jewel of all Academy Hour training programs. It's 1 week that will change your life forever.


You'll learn from the very best - about the most important aspects of mental health issues. This education will be multi-level, deep, intense, and memorable.


This isn't just role-play. You'll participate in the most real-life training exercises possible with specialized simulation actors and instructors, who will coach you along the way.


You will feel supported in a way you never have before in a training experience. The more we support you, the stronger you'll be on the job and in life. We're here for you.


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