Dr. John Duncan

Dr. John Duncan is Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, OU Health Sciences Center, College of Medicine, where he teaches about the neurobiology of addiction, psychopharmacology of non-therapeutic drug use, and medical ethics.  John is also an Assistant Professor in the College of Liberal Studies at the University of Oklahoma.  He has worked with CLS as a professor since 1997 and is the recipient of their 2003 “Kenneth E. Crook Distinguished Faculty Award,” for “Excellence in Teaching, and Meritorious Service to the University” the 2004 “Superior Teaching Award,” and the 2016 “Rufus Hall Outstanding Professor Award.” 

In 2007 John retired after 27 years in law enforcement from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control as Chief Agent.  Although he worked as an undercover agent for years, the past 13 years were as an agency administrator, where he was responsible for agency direction and vision and programmatic development, specifically in the medical communities.  He is the author of much of Oklahoma drug law. John has received over 6.5 million dollars in grant support for drug enforcement, treatment, and prevention programs in Oklahoma.  His law enforcement experience includes extensive undercover operations, surveillance, intelligence, tactical operations, and firearms instruction.  He was part of the national team that developed clandestine laboratory safety awareness and the use of protective equipment on clanlab operations.  John taught this at a national level and was the author of much of Oklahoma State Law, including the first precursor control law, the ephedrine control law, the pseudoephedrine control law, and the comprehensive prescription controlled drug monitoring law.

In 1998, John developed “Science-Based Drug Education” for the United States Office of National Drug Control Policy and still teaches 40-hour schools for the United States Army National Guard, law enforcement officers, treatment professionals, and prevention specialists.

Additionally, John was a consultant for the US Department of State and the American Bar Association and traveled throughout the former Soviet Eastern-Block countries helping develop approaches to address issues of drug trafficking and governmental corruption.  He served on a White House Commission that developed model legislation, was a member of the Advisory Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, was a member of the Governor’s Committee on Substance Abuse, was the Vice-Chairman of the Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Policy Board, and served as a member of the Oklahoma Epidemiological Workgroup.

Dr. Duncan teaches, "Drugs, Brains & Behavior: What Cops Need to Know About Drug Users to Stay Alive" for Academy Hour.