The Trauma of Being a Cop

Law Enforcement Officers experience multiple trauma incidents on the job. From difficult-to-look-at crime scenes, car accidents, etc., to interacting with people during bad life experiences, cops take in a whole lot of negative. Public criticism and other life stressors can make the job seem even harder. This training session will discuss trauma, its effects, PTSD, and many related aspects of the emotional and mental challenges faced by officers.

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Though we are very happy to bring this training class to your department and present it to your personnel, we also know that many departments have really great instructors in-house, who can deliver training with established trust and rapport.  We also know that you may want to present this training class over and over, to be able to meet staffing needs and multiple shifts.

The train-the-trainer program teaches instructors how to present this training material with confidence, knowledge, and a very clearly outlined script so as to keep the curriculum standardized and effective.

The training program is self-paced and online. Trainers have 120 days to work through this training program - we limit it because we want truly dedicated attention to learning the material and retaining it as a curriculum package. Once the 120 day period ends, trainers must pass an exam and provide 2 video samples of their presentation to the Academy Hour staff.  Once passed, trainers will receive a certificate and a trainer identification number, allowing permission to teach this class and to order support materials needed to facilitate the session. This includes student workbooks, certificates, and the facilitator's guide.  Trainers will retain their instructor ID # for a period of one year, and then each year will be required to take 1 hour of "refresher" training and pass a simple assessment to retain permission to present this curriculum.

Trainer ID # is assigned to the individual, not the department, and so it can travel with the individual upon a move to a different department as long as the annual refresher is maintained.

The Trauma of Being a Cop


  • COURSE TITLE:  The Trauma and Life of Being a Cop (On & Off the Job): 6-hour

    • Expectations placed on law enforcement officers
      • Leadership attitudes and responsibilities about mental health
      • Resiliency and prevention vs. Recovery
    • 3 Areas of Health = Safety
      • Mental health
      • Emotional health
      • Physical health
    • What is Trauma?
      • Singular vs. Cumulative Trauma
      • Causes
        • Diagnostic criteria
        • Things cops see & experience
      • Effects
        • What is and isn’t expected?
        • Signs & Symptoms
        • Coping Behaviors – Good & Bad
        • Mental/Physical/Emotional Health & Well Being
      • Common mental illnesses & disorders linked to trauma
        • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
      • Treatment
        • CBT / Therapy
        • EMDR
        • Supportive network & resources
        • Peer support
      • Trauma timeline 
    • Anxiety and Stress
      • Anticipatory vs. Reactionary
      • Life Stressors & External Contributors
      • Anxiety / Stress / Burnout
      • Suicide Prevention & Intervention
        • Understanding suicidal thoughts
        • Causes behind suicide
        • Recognizing Signs
        • Asking About Suicide & Intervention
        • Debriefing & Removing Trauma
          • Debriefing process (Post-Action Strategic Debriefing©
          • Guilt, Blame & Resentment
          • Reframing
          • Law Enforcement & Public Criticism
            • Self-fulfilling prophecy / the effects of words
            • Maslow’s hierarchy
            • Processing & responding to criticism
            • Being prepared for criticism
            • Neurological counteract the effects of negative influences
            • Why law enforcement officers are heroes

How Does It Work?


  • Initial:
    • Training Program (120-day access):  $2500/person (includes exam)
  • Annual:
    • Refresher Course (1 hour): $100/person
    • Assessment & ID Renewal Fee: $50/person
  • Per Session $5/person + shipping (in bulk):
    • -Student Workbooks
    • -Activity Worksheets
    • -Certificates
    • -Course/Instructor Evaluation Forms 

6-Hour Training Session Including:

  • Training on presenting the material, answering questions, and facilitating activities
  • Slide Presentation file
  • Handout Materials for Attendees (PDF format or can be ordered online)
  • Graphic art for social media marketing
  • Marketing flyer PDF for you to customize 
  • Get your instructor/trainer enrolled in the program - they need to complete the training within 120 days, pass the exam, and get ready to teach!
  • Provide the location / venue
  • Send out the flyer and advertise on social media
  • Get the course accredited through your state's POST if needed
  • Handle the roster
  • Fill the room!

NOTE: It is extremely important that a high level of professionalism and course presentation be maintained. Instructors must submit scanned copies of all student evaluations to Academy Hour after each presentation (with roster).  Any instructor not maintaining at least a 3.0 out of 5.0 average review from students will be no longer permitted to serve as an instructor for this program.

Some ideas to help earn back the cost you put into this program -- 

  • Get your LE associations involved and ask them to help host or sponsor the training classes each time you have them.
  • Invite surrounding agencies and charge them a fee or get them to help host/sponsor.
  • Invite vendors to sponsor or set up a few tables outside the training room each time you hold this training session.

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